Biodegradable and BPA-Free Kids' Tableware

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Whether you have kids or you just like drinking your White Russians from a sippy cup, take notice of Rooware, a forthcoming line of non-toxic tableware.

Rooware is the brain child of a mother of four who, fed up with the scant options for healthy, eco-friendly kids' tableware, decided to tackle the problem herself. All of her products--which include cups, plates, bowls, and "Rootencils"--are made from a plant-based plastic that is compostable, but also dishwasher and microwave safe (a tricky combination). To boot, all Rooware is free from bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and PVC; all of which are especially nasty stuff for fast-growing kids.

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All of the Rooware products (which you hopefully will soon be able to buy online) are emblazoned with Earthsaverz characters, four kids with a love for the planet. Animated webisodes are in the works that will bring these little eco-heroes to life.

Products like biodegradable Rooware come at a time when concerns over chemicals such as bisphenol A are reaching a fever pitch. So why be wary? Bisphenol A is a chemical ingredient used in many plastics. Its list of deleterious effects seems to grow by the day. Exposure to BPA has been implicated in mood disorders, obesity, hormone disruption, and even may mess with chemotherapy. (For a good discussion of BPA and other toxins in our midst, check out TreeHugger Radio's interview with Elizabeth Grossman, author of Chasing Molecules.)

BPA seems to be everywhere in daily life, showing up in aluminum cans, soda bottles, reusable water bottles, jars of baby food, and even cash register receipts.
Canada has declared BPA as toxic, though in the US, the FDA seems nonplussed. In the marketplace, though, consumers have put BPA on the run, and companies like Nalgene, SIGG, and Wal Mart are in proactive phase-out.

Biodegradable and BPA-Free Kids' Tableware
Rooware is the brain child of a mother of four who, fed up with the scant options for healthy,

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