Bio+ Chair: Oil-Free Plastic Seating


With a mission to demonstrate that it is possible to create well-designed, thoughtful furniture without cutting down forests, employing oil-based plastics, glass fibers or toxic glues, designer Michael Strom and civil engineer Lasse Svensson came together to create what they call the Bio+ chair.

Its shell (the blue part in the above picture) is created instead with bioplastics (a topic mentioned a time or two here at TreeHugger), using 100% plant-based materials for the feedstock, and is therefore fodder for your compost pile when the chair's useful life has finished; this gives the chair "an umbilical cord to nature," which is an odd but effective metaphor for its life cycle.

Strom and Svensson are reportedly working up a product service system-type arrangement for the metal frame, to insure that no components of the chair has to go in the trash. The chair was featured at last year's Copenhagen International Furniture Fair and Habitat Valencia Forward, and will be joined by three new members of the Bio+ family soon: a lounge chair, dining table and bar chair.

Hit the jump to see more pics. ::Bioplus via ::Yanko Design




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