Binishells At The Happy Mutant Retreat and Preschool

happy mutant binishell image

Image credit: BoingBoing

I would have loved to send my kids to the Happy Mutant Retreat and Preschool, being built at an undisclosed location and revealed for the first time on BoingBoing. It's being built of Binishells, which, I noted earlier, competed with Geodesic domes for mindspace among those experimenting with "organic architecture". They were a hit in Australia, where they were used for schools and shopping centres.

new south wales school

The Happy Mutant Retreat and Preschool follows in the footsteps of the New South Wales' schools of the seventies, where they experimented with different technologies, including the Binishell.

new south wales school

If it all works out as well as these did, then the mutants will indeed be very happy. More at Binisystems and in TreeHugger: The BiniShell is Back

binishell housing

The retreat and preschool closely resembles the housing proposals on the Binishell website here, designed by Nicolo Bini, son of Dr. Dante Bini, inventor of the Binishell system.

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