Billboard transforms air into clean water in Peru (Video)

University of Engineering and Technology Lima© University of Engineering and Technology Lima

At the intersection of research, education, water conservation and advertising comes this interesting project in Lima, Peru: it's a billboard that converts the region's moist air into drinking water. As a collaboration between Lima's University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) and the ad agency Mayo DraftFCB to encourage new student applications, the billboard has already produced 9450 litres of clean water for local communities in the last three months. Check out the video:

According to the video, the project takes advantage of the fact that it rarely rains in Lima (it lies in a coastal desert region), yet the atmospheric humidity is also around 98 percent. The moist air is processed through a series of reverse osmosis machines installed inside the billboard, an air filter, condenser and carbon filter, generating 96 litres (25 gallons) of water per day, which is kept in tanks at the top and comes out of a faucet located at the bottom of the billboard.

It's a smart way to show off the school's engineering program, yet also gives back to communities that are sorely in need of clean water -- and gives billboards a more worthier role other than an advertising tool. More over at UTEC and PSFK.

Billboard transforms air into clean water in Peru (Video)
This innovative billboard does double duty: advertising for a university's engineering program while producing much-needed clean drinking water for local communities.

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