Big Brother Houses Saving Power Chapter 2


While Matthew was posting about Big Brother houses yesterday I saw the most remarkable demonstration of one that is available now to Bell Canada customers. Forgive the picture of the stupid Bell Canada beaver, but the program was just launched at the Green Living Show and it is the only image I could find.

With this system, you replace your light switches and electric outlets (or just plug in a unit between your outlet and the plug of your device) and suddenly every light and appliance in your house has a MAC address and can be controlled by your computer. A lovely little display sits in your living room, telling you where every watt is going in your house. Your utility can monitor it too, and give you big discounts if you agree to let them control your air conditioner or water heater to dampen peak loads. Some utilities are even providing the system for free in exchange for the right to flick your switches. You can look on the control screen on your computer and see what is happening at every power plant in Ontario- too much coal being burned? Turn out another light.

If you think you forgot to turn off the coffee maker or close the garage door, you can do it from your cell phone. This looks like a very cool home energy management system. ::Bell Canada

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