Big Ben In Old Coke Cans Reminds Us To Recycle?

Big Ben From Used Coke Cans photo

Sculptor Robert Bradford is known for his colorful recycled art animal and people sculptures put together with millions of discarded plastic toy parts. Now in honor of Recycling Week in the UK, Bradford has erected a twenty-foot-high replica of the famous London clock tower Big Ben, all from Coke cans. The jury is out on whether art from recyclable materials gets us to recycle more.

But according to WRAP, the recycling council that sponsors UK's Recycling Week there's no question that our recycling habits could still be vastly improved, especially in the bathroom and bedroom! People in Britain recycle around 33% of their home waste, double the amount from five years ago - that's a great improvement. But according to WRAP many Brits - and by extension, probably the rest of us - forget to recycle empty containers from bed and bath. If every UK household started putting just one to two more items - say a glossy magazine and a Coke can - into the recycling bin, the country could bump its national rate by approximately 3 percent. Via ::WRAP

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