Bicycle Carriers for the Supermarket Run

royal college of art summer graduate show photo.jpg

Graduate design students at the Royal College of Art take the environment seriously. The annual summer show is a great place to find out what the up and coming designers are thinking. Paul Thomas wants to create "natural solutions to man-made problems". His bicycle carrier system has already won a prize and a prototype is being designed. The Pop On Delivery System is a simple solution for carrying heavy recycled carrier bags on a bicycle. It clips onto a standard bike rack and locks on so that the plastic bags don't swing around. A mesh flap stops them from hitting the rear wheel and there is a water proof flap to protect the bags from the rain.

Breathe Easy is a hanging plant holder that helps people sleep by removing airborne toxins. In a bedroom these can come from the paint, carpeting and fabrics. By using toxin-absorbing plants such as orchids and ferns growing in an aeroponic system, the mist sucks in the toxins and they are trapped in the plant's root system and turned into food. And it looks stunning hanging on the wall. :: Royal College of Art: Show: RCA