Better Thinking's New Ethical Magazine Online Now!


Better Thinking, the UK-based consultancy that ‘helps brands create strategies for sustainability’ and whose Perfect T-Shirt we featured here, has just launched their online magazine to ‘celebrate the people and brands who are having a positive impact on our world’. Or, as Cate Trotter puts it: 'Our magazine primarily looks at what companies are doing to reap the benefits from a more sustainable approach’.
The magazine is theme-driven with edition #1 being about involvement. Why? Better Thinking explain that just like when we were 14 and in chemistry lab, we learn more by actively doing something rather than just listening or reading. And that’s what they relate to today’s brands. Nowadays consumers need a little more than just a pretty logo. In this first magazine, Better Thinking present five organisations with an active involvement in ethical consumerism and climate change.
Involving customers in sustainability isn’t soft, it’s smart. By tuning into such a rapidly growing demand to let people make a positive difference, businesses can increase their relevance, revenues and profits. As you will see from the rest of the articles in this issue, getting customers and employees on board helps brands get ahead.

Examples of such brands are Belu, the mineral water that helps those who don’t have any; Daylesford Organic, the stylish eco-farm; Ecover, still one of our favourite cleaning products; Kirin, the Japanese drink and Better Thinking’s very own Perfect T-Shirt project. The magazine is free. Simply sign up here to be the first to have it delivered straight into your inbox. ::Better Thinking Magazine