Better Landscaping Helps Portland Skatepark Go Green

ed benedict plaza skatepark photo

photo: New Line Skateparks

Since Jaymi opened up the action sports doorway this morning, showcasing some pretty amazing bike riding, it seems appropriate to give skateboarding its green dues today as well. The New York Times is highlighting efforts to build greener skateparks in the Pacific Northwest:The thing here isn't greener materials used in building the skate elements in the park, but of incorporating better landscaping to control rainwater runoff. Portland's Ed Benedict Plaza is used as the example:

The Portland park's two "bio filtration islands" help the water to re-enter the ground more gradually.

"It's not a massive amount of water compared to parking lots and roads," said Kyle Dion, the president & owner of New Line Skateparks, which designed the Portland park.

Still, he added, "It's all about finding a balance between the natural environment and the built or developed environment."

So pretty much replicating a normal city park with great things to skate in it, and incorporating normal landscaping into it...

via: The New York Times
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