Beth Terry's Lessons in Activism


Christine previously covered the recent success of Beth Terry's campaign to convince Brita in North America to take back and recycle their filters; Vanessa Farquharson of Green as a Thistle and the National Post interviews her and learns how it happened. It is an excellent guide for aspiring activists. Vanessa writes:

What's most impressive about the Take Back The Filter campaign, though, is that it began with a single, frustrated woman not knowing how to get rid of her water filter and ended with massive structural change at a multi-national corporation in just months.

One might guess Terry, herself, is astounded by such a feat. But she downplays it.

"I think they just needed to know that people really wanted it," she says.

Beth Terry's top 5 tips for aspiring activists:

1) First, conduct research — a lot of it. "Find out what the company is already doing, what their position is and what factors are involved."
2) Put out feelers. "See who else is concerned about the issue and what organizations are already doing something or may get behind you."
3) Connect online. "Get in touch with bloggers, the media or other connected, influential people. Being creative by making little icons and badges that bloggers can easily put on their sites also helps."
4) Don't go after a company that has no desire to change. "Start with companies that are already moving in an eco-conscious direction."
5) Pick up the phone and call people. "You never know who will support you, so just start talking to anyone who will listen." More in Green As A Thistle
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