Best Small Space Shelving Solutions


No matter how small you live, and how much clutter you can live without, storage is one thing it's always easy to run short on. The good people of Apartment Therapy have looked in corners, stairways, closets and even doorways to find the hidden places to stash books and other stackables we need to keep around. Their 8 best small space shelving solutions include the wrap-around ceiling shown above, plus a few more than include space efficiency tricks like floating and folding. They're great ways to get the most out of whatever space you have; hit the jump for pics of our favorites. ::Apartment Therapy


Perfect for renters and students alike, these corner shelves install without nails or screws (or any holes in the wall) and hold up to 6 pounds of weight using friction in the corner to stay in place.


Like a paper fan, these folding bookshelves can open on demand and fold away against the wall when not in use.

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