Best of NY Gift Fair: Bluedogz Design


Based in Montreal and founded by a former ballerina, Bluedogz Design produces a line of gift tags, clipboards, and gift boxes, as well as other home accessories, crafted from recycled wood.

The myriad color schemes and patterns, ranging from modern to baroque, are designed to be mixed and matched with one another. Use one of 24 Teeny Tags ($2.99) to top off one of Bluedogz gift boxes ($6.50 to $15.50, depending on size), a wrapped present, a bouquet of flowers, or a bottle of wine—or alternatively, have the tags double up as napkin rings/place holders.

For chic note-taking, the clipboards—which we're quite enraptured with; we do love us some houndstooth—come in three different sizes: Micro (4x4 inches; $7.50), Mini (6x9 inches; $14), and Big (9x12.5 inches; $19.50). Each clipboard has a notepad, a pencil on a ribbon, and two magnets on the back, so you can, y'know, stick it up on something. Don't you feel more organized already? ::Bluedogz

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