Best of Inhabitat: Living, Growing Chairs Take The Term "Green Furniture" Literally

Living furniture photo

Eco-friendly furniture is slowly making its way into more and more homes these days but if you're looking to take the phrase "green home furnishings" to another level, check out these five chairs that are actually made of vegetation! From the Pooktre Chair made out of an entire tree you can sit on, to an ottoman that's half seat half chia pet, you'd be surprised at how many designs incorporate, or are made entirely of, living, growing vegetation. Feeling lazy? You might want to get someone to push you around on this grassy human transporter chaise. And if you're not keen on having to dispose of your unwanted furniture when you're done with it, why not give these mushroom implanted chairs a try? After a few years, the stool will be overtaken by the fungus and eventually biodegrade on its own. Last but not least, DIYers might want to try their hands at this easy kit that lets you mold the grass and dirt on your lawn into a verdant armchair.

—written by Yuka Yoneda

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