Best of Inhabitat: An Exclusive Inside Peek inside New York City's First LEED Gold Skyscraper, Hearst Tower

Hearst Tower

This week on Inhabitat, we were really excited to take a private tour inside a building that was New York's first LEED Gold skyscraper ever - Hearst Tower! Even though it may seem like the city is rife with green projects today, back in 2006, NY didn't even have one LEED Gold skyscraper - that is, until Hearst Tower changed all of that. Today, the eye-catching blue lattice tower is one of the most recognized by New Yorkers, but many have never seen the inside, which is why we're pleased to offer you a peek at the interior. Read on for our exclusive photos of this history-making green high-rise!

—written by Yuka Yoneda

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