Best of Infrastructurist: Dead Freeways, Fading Phone Booths and Awesome Toilets


From our pals at The Infrastructurist, a round-up of some of their best posts of late:
7 Urban Freeways To Tear Down Now
During the car-crazy Beaver Cleaver era of US history, there was no such thing as a bad highway. But now we understand how damaging poorly planned roads can be to our cities -- here are some ugly roads that are coming down soon or ought to be.Dubai's Fancy New Metro Open For Business Soon -- Features No-Girls-Allowed VIP Cars
Plenty of giant construction projects in Dubai have been shelved recently, but work has gone ahead on the city's new Metro system. The trains and stations are cool enough (literally), but one curious twist is that the system has exclusive "Gold" cars for men only.

The Last of the Superman-Style Phone Booths
The old "accordion-style" phone booths favored by Clark Kent used to be fixtures of the New York City landscape. Today there are only a handful left. We sent out two photographers to document them.

"Recession Ride" Taxi Company Says, ‘Pay What You Want!’
One enterprising Vermonter thinks that "pay what can afford" cab service is going to be big business in economic tough times. He's already turned a profit, in spite of occasionally accepting things like old CDs as payment from hard-up customers.

Why The Economy Might Never Recover As Long As We Depend On Oil
With one of the world's leading energy economists warning that oil prices will skyrocket coming years and the US government is asleep at the wheel, we pose the question: Is economic recovery even possible as long as we rely on oil for all our transportation needs?

What Do Americans Have Against Awesome Toilets?
High tech Japanese toilets do some funny things like shine a nightlight inside the bowl and play bird songs to hide "embarrassing" noises. But they can also reduce water use and toilet paper consumption and promote better hygiene. So why is the US stuck on the 19th century bathroom technology?