Best of Design Democracy '08: Tables


Yesterday, we introduced you to Design Democracy '08, a design competition that's looking to prove that mass customization, hyper-local production and downloadable designs are all viable methods for reconfiguring the way we consume things; they're confident enough in the concept to offer the winning design a showcase at New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair. We saw some cool seating entries, and today we'll take a peek at what's been entered in the tables category.

First up is Interlocking Side Tables, submitted by designjerk; the two side tables can puzzle-piece together to create a coffee table, depending on your needs, and offer handy geometric storage space in both configurations. It's a remarkably simple, useful design that would be a great space-maximizing solution. Hit the jump for another pic and more details about the competition.


Remember, designers who dig flat pack, CNC routing and other tools of this next-generation manufacturing system are encouraged to submit designs by March 21. The contest is co-sponsored by Context Furniture, who was featured on TreeHugger before for their Truss Collection. See all the table entrants to date and get all the details at ::Design Democracy '08

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