Besides the Wallpaper: Wallcovering Options


If you're looking to jazz up your workspace or home this winter, we say focus on the walls. We guarantee your room will feel instantly decorated. TreeHugger picked its favorite wallcoverings not too long ago, and we have a few more ideas to add to the list that we grabbed from Domino. The first is embossed paper made of eco-friendly bamboo pulp. With a texture like sturdy cardboard, you can leave it white or paint it a bright color to get the juices flowing. They come with a peel-and-stick adhesive so that the tiles can easily be removed. These "Bud Wall Flats" can be found at Inhabit, along with a few other styles. The second idea we liked from Domino was recycled metal tiles. Made from 100% reclaimed aluminum or brass, their texture adds an extra element to your room. They are easy to install and maintenance is a simple quick wash with mild dishsoap and water. These tiles can be found at Eco-Friendly Flooring and are available in several different finishes. Via ::Domino