Berkeley, California Hair Salon Gets a Green Design Makeover (Photos)

keter salon photo

A vintage chair, hand painted piano bench, and vintage hair dryer at Keter Salon. Photo: Casa Sugar

We love a good makeover story. Especially when it comes to decorating with salvaged, upcycled, and re-used materials. This one comes from the home experts at Casa Sugar who take a tour of the newly-revamped Ketér Salon in Berkeley, California.

From using antique suzanis embroidered textile as upholstery to salvaged wood from a house that was torn down a few streets away, the renovation creates a vintage-inspired space with a lot of personality. Take a look:

handpainted wall photo

A hand painted wall. Photo: Casa Sugar

The mastermind behind the renovation is Mignonne Décor's Johnelle Mancha, who is known for her work "re-imagining vintage furniture pieces with updated paint, finishes, and upholstery," Casa Sugar reports. She uses low- or no-voc finishes and paints and salvaged lighting to complete the look.

antique silver tray photo

Photo: Casa Sugar

We love how aspects of the renovation can used as decorating inspiration. The details are what make the space truly remarkable. Notable are the vintage silver trays (above) used on the coffee table stand. They add personality -- and functionality as magazine holders -- to the waiting room.

In the background, you can see the herringbone wood floors. Sourced from salvaged buildings in the area and a home on the same street, they are entirely reclaimed. We also love the benches in the waiting area, which were reupholstered with velvet and antique suzanis (pictured, below).

reupholstered pillows vintage photo

Photo: Casa Sugar
reclaimed wood frame photo

Photo: Casa Sugar

Mancha uses salvaged wood to create the frame a sign in the waiting area (above) as well as to frame mirrors throughout the space (below).

reclaimed wood mirror photo

Photo: Casa Sugar

What do you think of the renovation? Does it inspire you to add some vintage flare to your own living space? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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