Bendigo Bank is Rolling in the Green Stuff


Maybe you recall the post about the Australian rural city, Bendigo, that will possibly run out of drinking water within a year? It happens to be home to one of the more progressive banks in the country. (Certainly in comparison the the Big Four banks, who still haven’t even heard of climate change.) Bendigo Bank provides innovative financial services to rural communities. But in a more directly green move, the bank instituted a series of eco-oriented loans back in 2002. Green Personal Loans are available for a dozen environmentally friendly products, including double glazed windows, greywater systems, solar hot water systems, 5 star environmentally rated cars, energy saver whitegoods and even wind turbines. In a similar move, they can provide a 0.5% reduction in variable rates, with no monthly fee for a Green Home Loan, where your home meets the energy efficient standards of various state governments. They reckon a 'green' mortgage can save more than $48,000 AUD. But it’s not a case of ‘do as we say’, more ‘do as we do’, because the bank has begun constructing a new headquarters, which was recently awarded a 5 Star Green Star – Office Design v2 Certified Rating by the Green Building Council of Australia. Only the 18th such building in Australia to do so, and significantly the first in regional Australia. Due to be finished in May 2007, it will sport blackwater and greywater recycling, roof top solar water heating amongst a host of other initiatives. ::Bendigo Bank.