Bendant Lamp: Fold it Yourself


How many chandelier designs have you seen that you can slide under a door? The Bendant Lamp, designed by Jaime Salm, comes flatpacked out of three prepainted sheets of laser-cut, powder coated steel. You can modify the design yourself- "Bend the shades up or down and create unique light and shadow arrangements.....the lamp welcomes the user as co-designer pushing the boundaries of design and self-assembly."

It is made from recycled content with an "Environmentally Preferable Finish" and is "Designed to ship flat and get maximum use of standard metal sheet goods. Design eliminates unnecessary cutting and waste."

Next year, you will be able to go to some kind of metallic Kinko's and print out furniture like this. Panel layout below the fold. :: Mio via ::Apartment Therapy


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