Before and After: 50s Ranch Eco-Renovation


All images via Eye Candy

Ranches and Bungalows from the fifties are all the rage these days among mid-century modern fans, but some are less interesting than others, and Matthew O. Daby has done a pretty spectacular conversion of a pretty boring one.


Eye Candy lists some of the sustainable features:

-native/water efficient landscaping including "eco-lawn"
-sustainably harvested or reclaimed Douglas fir for finish trim and stair treads
-metal roof
-durable concrete lower floor surface
-whole house ventilation fan
-radiant floor heating with high efficiency boiler
-sunken entry with shoe storage to trap dirt and dust
-non-toxic wood sealant
-pervious driveway surface


It is hard to find a single thing that wasn't relocated or a wall that wasn't moved, but a renovation is still going to be a lot greener, and retain a lot more embodied energy than demolition and building new.

More pictures and copy at Eye Candy ; Website at M.O.Daby was down at time of this posting.

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