Become a Rich Person with a Seed Safe by Martí Guixé

Seed Safe by Martí Guixé for Alessi

Alessi has just launched a new product by Spanish designer Martí Guixé; the Seed Safe. It is a beautiful jar, dedicated to collect the seeds from vegetables and fruits we eat so that they can be planted instead of thrown away or composted. Guixé, who has a thing for seeds (see the Plant Me Pet), believes that the Seed Safe is a must in every home, and since "seeds are in some way more valuable than money", planting those seeds can make you a rich person.
drawing of Seed Safe by Martí Guixé for Alessi

Of course you can use any old jar to store seeds, but do you? Maybe this product is simply a nice way to get more people to collect and value seeds, and to grow their own plants. It is a reflection about how we feel about where our food comes from, and nature. The designer, Martí Guixé, collects himself seeds from what he eats at home. The idea came when he was asked to design a money bank for a ceramic company. Guixé thought that "in our era, money is loosing its value, and a good way to change the perception of values, was to put it into seeds". The Catalan designer is fascinated with seeds and likes the potential in them, as well as all the information they contain depending on the specie. If money doesn't grow on trees, we should definitely plant more seeds and grow things.

Alessi's Seed Safe is made from stoneware in Portugal, and will be available for 21€ in the shops in Europe from March. A practical hint from the designer: Dry the seeds first for a couple of days on a dry surface and then put them in the seed safe until you're ready to plant them or give them to someone as a gift. ::Martí Guixé

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