Beautiful Uneven Objects From Wood Leftovers That Also Create Awareness In Mexico

Flower Vase From Recovered Wood Leftovers By Le Porc Photo

Photos: Le Porc Shop.

Mexican design studio Le Porc Shop has a cool project called UFO (Unknown Folk Object): a workshop in which the designers work with people to design items with wood leftovers from their shop.

As the process is intuitive and without much plan, the result is a series of objects that are uneven but intriguing in their own way, and which expose the recovered materials they're made of.

Drawer From Recovered Wood Leftovers By Le Porc Photo

Box From Recovered Wood Leftovers By Le Porc Photo

"The premise is to produce multi-functional objects using simple manufacturing processes. Build parts with a great economy of labor. Everything begins and ends with people, with their own imagination and their own ability to work with material and make sense with their hands," one of the founders of the studio explains at their website.

UFO is also "a way to reflect on the role of design in society and how the design of meaningful situations, not just objects, can help empower people," according to the designer.

Tray From Recovered Wood Leftovers By Le Porc Photo

Stool From Recovered Wood Leftovers By Le Porc Photo

As visible in the pics above, the series includes flower vase holders, drawers, boxes, trays and stools, among other. Inhabitat points out that the workshops have happened twice and involved participants from different backgrounds and nationalities, all working on an open brief.

We probably don't need many flower vase containers in our lives, but the point is of course not the objects, but the involvement of people in the process of creating with unusual materials, which generates awareness about waste that can always translate into a more conscious approach to consumption.

More at their website.

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