Beautiful Short Film of Vancouver's Verdant Living Roof

Back in 2007 we wrote about the Vancouver Convention Center as it was being conceptualized. Two years later, Canada's largest living roof is a green oasis floating above the city. This enchanting short film by Dave Budge is a pleasure to watch as it travels through some of the roof's finer points, such as how the native plants were chosen to mimic a BC coastal grassland.Vancouver is a forward-thinking city as these things go, and its aquarium boasts a living wall that is none too shabby. Cyclists were also recently delighted to be given (as an experiment) a lane of the Burrard Bridge. Vancouver will host the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and since ecological scrutiny is now part of the deal, we are sure to see more of this six-acre sanctuary as the world focuses on the city.

(Update 8/6/09: Dave Budge has uploaded the full audio interview with the roof's designer.)

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