Beautiful Kitchen Eco-Islands from Reclaimed Wood


TreeHugger has previously interviewed TV chef Michael Chiarello, and we’ve even given away prizes from his Napa Style website and catalog in our 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge. Flicking through his catalog recently, we came across two gorgeous examples of reclaimed-wood kitchen islands - one made from recrafted barrel staves, another built from reclaimed timber from an old barn. While they are not exactly cheap - $718.98 for the former, and $1698 for the latter - they are not as outrageously priced as many similar islands. They also look like they are built to last. Click below the fold for a little more detail on their appetizing features.
The barrel stave island boasts two shelves for holding equipment; an upper shelf for hanging wine glasses, and comes with a solid wood stool. Meanwhile the American Barnwood option features four sheet-pan slides to hold prepped ingredients; a magnetic knife holder; a removable maple cutting board and a hidden storage area to keep secret recipes. There are also pan hooks on the back and a wine bottle holder made from corrugated tin, rescued from the barn’s roof. As always, eco-minded foodies should check out our guide on How to Green Your Meals for further inspiration. ::Napa Style::via site visit::

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