"Bear's Cave" Office By Paul Coudamy

bears cave paul coudamy
Front meeting room (All photos: Benjamin Boccas)

Who said you couldn't hibernate in an office? Instead of a sterile and corporate interior, the comfy and cavernous spaces of French architect Paul Coudamy's "bear cave" office design are inviting and built from wood off-cuts rescued from sidewalks, dumpsters and trash. Employing a spontaneous-looking aesthetic of found objects and interesting textural overlaps, spaces each have their own feel and unique treatment, depending on their use (more photos after the jump).
The office is designed for Beartech, an Internet hosting service in Paris. The spaces are organized into three different areas of work, leisure and conference.

bears cave paul coudamy
Back room

The rear is the 'serious' space with Parisian rock and brick walls exuding an atmosphere of solidness that contrasts with the "wood vortex out of a natural disaster" that surges along the walls of the front meeting room.

bears cave paul coudamy front
Office front

A low honeycomb bench acts as a partition between the meeting room and working spaces, creating a definitely low-key but dynamic approach to materials and to re-thinking the office (all they would would need now is a furry office mascot).

Paul Coudamy
Project Credits
Design and building: Paul Coudamy
On wood structure, consulting and Co-design: Arnaud Depeyre
Project Manager: Pierre Brochot
Assistants: Bastien Gache and Martial Coudamy

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