IDS12: Be your own Tiffinwala with a Ceramic Tiffin by Lorea Sinclaire

A tiffin is a light lunch; the word was invented in India because the British were used to afternoon tea, and didn't have a name for a light midday meal. Wikipedia says it actually comes from the English word tiffing, "taking a little drink or sip". A tiffinwala or dabbawala delivers lunch from home to workplace or school. Vancouver designer

showed this ceramic and cork tiffin lunch kit at the Interior Design Show; I missed it, but Harry at MocoLoco didn't.

She writes about her experiment in mobile eating:

The bowls were designed to accommodate common lunch combinations, soup and sandwich, fruit and a bagel, etc. Having the two bowls stack vertically allowed there to be a partition between the different foods. A lid and latch keeps the ceramic components sealed tight, and allows the bowls to be carried.

Sinclaire says "her interest lies in the exploration of the relationship between physical and digital space, and how they play a part in a person's experience in the world." That's why the process of making the Tiffin lunch kit is so interesting; she designed it using CAD, cut it out of foam with a CNC router, made plaster moulds and slip-cast the ceramics.

More at Miss SInclaire, via Mocoloco.

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