IDS12: Be your own Tiffinwala with a Ceramic Tiffin by Lorea Sinclaire

tiffin lunch box open© Lorea Sinclaire

A tiffin is a light lunch; the word was invented in India because the British were used to afternoon tea, and didn't have a name for a light midday meal. Wikipedia says it actually comes from the English word tiffing, "taking a little drink or sip". A tiffinwala or dabbawala delivers lunch from home to workplace or school. Vancouver designer tiffin lunch box open© Lorea Sinclaire showed this ceramic and cork tiffin lunch kit at the Interior Design Show; I missed it, but Harry at MocoLoco didn't.

Tiffin lunch box closed© Lorea Sinclaire

She writes about her experiment in mobile eating:

The bowls were designed to accommodate common lunch combinations, soup and sandwich, fruit and a bagel, etc. Having the two bowls stack vertically allowed there to be a partition between the different foods. A lid and latch keeps the ceramic components sealed tight, and allows the bowls to be carried.

tiffin drawing© Lorea Sinclaire

Sinclaire says "her interest lies in the exploration of the relationship between physical and digital space, and how they play a part in a person's experience in the world." That's why the process of making the Tiffin lunch kit is so interesting; she designed it using CAD, cut it out of foam with a CNC router, made plaster moulds and slip-cast the ceramics.

tiffin in hand© Lorea Sinclaire

More at Miss SInclaire, via Mocoloco.

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