Be Ready for Anything with Take Out Furniture, it's Perfect For Preppers

This has been around the internet block a few times, but perhaps it deserves another look, given today's circumstances. Finnish designer Klaus Aalto has designed a clever mix of the fixed and the mobile; It is furniture where the drawers pull right out and are in fact suitcases. Just grab a drawer and run.

From an exhibition catalog:

The idea was born in 2003 out of Klaus Aalto’s personal need for a storage solution for tools. Initially, he thought of making the briefcases himself, but he quickly decided to look for existing alternatives. After a long search for a metal briefcase, he settled for Plasticase, totally satisfied with the looks and the feel of the product as well as its price. These plastic briefcases, designed by Michel Dallaire and manufactured in Canada, remind him of the briefcases of Playmobil toy characters. The Plasticase briefcases can be ordered in about ten different colors with custom-made foam padding and labels.

Tech Editor Jaymi has shown us the Shelter Box and her own emergency bug-out pack, but the Take Out is a much more elegant solution, you have all your stuff ready to go, out in the open instead of hidden in a closet.

dallaire casePlasticase/Promo image

I also like Klaus Aalto's choice of Michel Dallaire's Canadian classic, a briefcase he designed in 1985 and that went viral after it was sold in the shop of the Museum of Modern Art. I have one in yellow. . Dallaire writes:

The specificity of these multiple-use carrying cases is their economical fabrication technique: two identical polypropylene copolymer shells are assembled face to face. The Attaché case was bought by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and more than two million North Americans.

More at Sauma, found on Dejoost and shown years ago on Design Milk.

Be Ready for Anything with Take Out Furniture, it's Perfect For Preppers
Clever idea from Finnish designer combines portable storage with fixed dresser unit

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