Be Palettø: Danish Pavilion Of Recycled Shipping Pallets

Images: Be Palettø

We've sung the praises of the humble shipping pallet as an amazingly versatile building component before (take a look at Lloyd's comprehensive roundup). Now a group of eleven students at Denmark's Aarhus School of Architecture have come up with a lovely outdoor pavilion that shows once again what is possible with the pallet. Dubbed Be Palettø, the temporary structure features 420 strategically-stacked pallets which give a dynamic twist to an otherwise traditional-looking public square. More images and a time-lapse video of how it was done:

Be Palleto! / the movie from Thibault Marcilly on Vimeo.

As a whole, the salvaged pallets form an occupiable wall and walkable path that allows people to choose a seat or to step up and down the structure.


There's even a cozy interior space that's created when the pallets curve around an existing tree.



In their own words, the students describe the pallet pavilion:

A tree, a table and its bench, flows of people and daylight, were the main elements which impacted on the pavilion's shape. The "strip" was leading people to use a different way of crossing the courtyard, by walking and sitting up to 3.50m high. Then, by curving the strip to link and adapt to each element, many steps were naturally created between the pallets, allowing people to sit in the sun, like on a terrace.

The Pavilion was meant to become an active element in the everyday-life of the school, and not to be only an object.

There are an estimated two billion pallets circulating around the world, most of which are used only once. That's a major untapped source if there ever was one! From simple structures to livable houses, and now beautifying outdoor spaces, what can't the simple pallet do?

Be Palettø via Inhabitat
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