Be Chief of Your Own Lookout Post

(Images via dornob and Tiny House Blog)

If solitude, stair climbing, small spaces, and big panoramic views are your thing, you might feel right at home in a repurposed fire lookout tower. The hawk-eyed gang at dornob has wrangled together some beautiful images of lookout towers turned to residences and retreats.
Apparently it is becoming more common to be able to rent lookout towers. According to Via, the AAA Travel's Companion: " that the smoke watchers who staff the aeries are aided by video cameras and surveillance flights, hundreds of the structures have found new lives as hideaways for rent through the U.S. Forest Service for about $40 a night."
(More pics after the jump)It goes without saying that we love to see existing structure (and other things) turned into dwellings, especially compact ones. We've admired the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel and heard Dean Kamen's story of the lighthouse on his island. Shipping containers, too, are a hot item to store one's self in.



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