Be a Humanitarian Designer Not a CAD Monkey - Cameron Sinclair Talks To The Observer About Architecture For Humanity


It's no secret that TreeHugger is a huge fan of Architecture For Humanity and it's dedicated founder Cameron Sinclair. Sinclair’s relentless energy and enthusiasm for his self-appointed role of providing shelter to people in the world who need it most is endlessly inspiring. While some might be daunted by the enormous challenges being met by Architecture For Humanity, Sinclair is a true optimist always looking at the positive side of his work. The following quote from his interview with Lucy Siegle in the Observer Magazine today exemplifies this positivism perfectly: 'Ninety per cent of what an architect does is not drawing, it's problem solving. Besides, think about a prestige architect like Zaha Hadid. There are probably 20 people in Britain who could afford to commission her. I, on the other hand, have somewhere between 4 and 5bn people on the planet who are looking for my help. So,' he concludes with an affable smile, 'I have a lot more clients than she does.' By encouraging more and more designers and architects to get involved with humanitarian design Architecture For Humanity is making a difference to people’s lives all over the world. Watch this space for more information on AFH’s upcoming book Design Like You Give A Damn. In the meantime you can read the full Observer article on Cameron Sinclair here. ::Architecture For Humanity