BBVA Bancomer To Build Green Corporate Offices in Mexico City

Once again Mexico's banking sector is demonstrating surprising initiative in the realm of green building. It's still not clear to us why it has become especially trendy for the big national and foreign banks to commit to building green, but we're impressed by it nonetheless. Perhaps inspired by competitor HSBC's LEED certified building, the Spanish banking giant BBVA Bancomer recently broke ground on new regional corporate offices in Mexico City, which the Spanish company claims will be ecologically friendly and sustainable. According to the bank, the new offices will use 30% less water and electricity that the current offices, which will be achieved through more energy-efficient air conditioning, electrical and water systems in the buildings. The new, green facilities are expected to be completed in 2013. According to Cronica newspaper, Banorte also recently announced its plans to build offices using the U.S. LEED standard. (Mexico's Green Building Council is still working on developing a sustainable building rating tool similar to LEED in the United States.) :: Via Expansion, New Ventures Mexico

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