Bauhaus School Recycled as Hotel

atelier bauhaus photo

Image from Bauhaus Dessau

It's an architect's dream come true: the chance to stay in a former Bauhaus school, designed by Walter Gropius himself. The building was built in 1926 as a "built manifesto" of the Bauhaus style.

Located in Dessau (formerly East) Germany, the town was a hotbed of designers, with Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee living near by, also in Gropius designed houses. The school was closed down by the Nazis in 1933 because it was "decadent" art.

bauhaus room in hotel photo
Image from Bauhaus Dessau

Marcel Breuer was the most famous pupil at the school--that's his chair in the photo above. Walter Gropius the famous Bauhaus architect, designed it and taught there. Now it is a museum and foundation, holding exhibitions and lectures on site.

building exterior bauhaus photo

Image from Bauhaus Dessau

The school has been redeveloped into a kind of boutique youth hostel. The building is minimalist with splashes of colour--orange walls and yellow ceilings, that are aesthetic and functional. Part of the building has been allocated to the dormitory, with one night stays permitted.

The rooms have their own sink, and there are communal showers and toilets down the hall. The bed in the room was designed by the latest director of the Bauhaus foundation that runs the place. The breakfast is served in a canteen where the students used to eat and you sit on Breuer stools ( of course). Bauhaus Dessau

Via: Guardian
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