Battery Doctor: Reconditioning Batteries

Does anybody know if this product actually works? A company called Battery Doctors has reportedly developed an environmentally safe product to put into batteries, and make them functional again. Marc S. Keith, Director of Product Development of Battery Doctors, says "The longer batteries last, fewer new batteries are manufactured and fewer end up in our landfills...The market for battery reconditioning is huge. Batteries are needed in nearly every business and industry, the demand is high. Businesses throw away batteries that can be reconditioned everyday." Batteries run out of energy primarily because of sulphation build-up on the battery plates. Battery Doctors has apparently created a way to rid the plates of this build-up. A small amount of a proprietary chemical called ProBat is poured into the batteries. ProBat is said to be an environmentally safe, non-acidic, non-hazardous product. The battery is then charged, prepped, and ready to work again.

The Battery Doctor offer a business program for those want to recondition battery with ProBat. Discarded batteries can often be found at auto dealers, repair facilities, junk yards, lube and oil stores, truck stops and industrial buildings.

:: Battery Doctors by [Justin Thomas]