Batik teddy bears raise money for clean water in Mali

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These adorable batik teddy bears are called kumanokoido and they have a message of hope for your child and the world. The Japanese name means cubs (kuma no ko) and waterwell (ido) and therein lies a heartwarming and optimistic story.

The creator visited Mali and other countries in West Africa and saw that there was a lack of clean water in the villages that he visited. This was due to the high cost of building a well. Upon returning home to Brooklyn, New York, he wanted to do something for these communities and make a contribution to their life and culture. As he explained in Coolhunting, "I wanted to make sure that I did something creative as opposed to monetary—that's boring!"

So the teddy bears, an international "symbol" of love and friendship, became his vehicle. They are made out of cloth from Mali and West Africa. The colourful and familiar batik is a vivid symbol of the vibrant heritage and culture of these countries.

As part of his efforts to reach a fundraising goal of $15,000 he is also doing a line in camouflage fabrics. These are collected from the different armed forces and are fascinating in the different ways that camouflage material is envisioned. They symbolize world unity.

You can buy these irresistible little bears for a big or little child and support a very good cause.

Batik teddy bears raise money for clean water in Mali
These irresistible little batik bears will help Malian villagers build a well.

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