BASIX - Building Sustainability Index


As of 1 July 2004, all new houses and dual occupancy residential buildings, in Sydney, Australia, must obtain a BASIX Certificate before their building development application will be processed by the local municipality. This is not a voluntary scheme, it is state legislation. A web-based planning tool, BASIX allows an architect, building designer, etc to measure the water and energy efficiency of new designs. Initially dwellings need show a reduction of 40% in water consumption and a 25% reduction in energy load or greenhouse gas emissions. After July 2006, that greenhouse target will rise to 40% as well. By October next year all new residential dwellings anywhere in the state of NSW will require a BASIX Certificate. The tool measures energy, water, thermal comfort, stormwater, and landscape performance, to ensure that homes are comfortable and economical over the long term, while also reducing their environmental impact. ::BASIX [by WM]