Bare Sofa: Inner Beauty and Sustainable Design by the Brothers Dressler


We've admired the work of the Brothers Dressler before; the Toronto-based design duo (and, yep, they're actually twin brothers) really get it right when it comes to designing with sustainability and the environment in mind. Take the Bare Sofa, pictured above, for example; using 100% recycled fabric and FSC-certified solid walnut, they've created a wonderfully minimal piece that purposefully shows its inner beauty.

The Brothers say, "We have brought the skeleton to the outside to expose the structure and use tactile fabric to invite the contact of skin." We like the way the two elements work together, and like the thoughtful way it's put together even more; it's constructed so that at the end of its useful life, it can be disassembled into its components for re-use or recycle. Like much of their craft-level work, the sofa is available on a made-to-order basis, available in select fabrics with recycled content and can be customized by size and configuration. Contact them for more details. ::Brothers Dressler via ::Design Milk

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