Barcelona Forever, a Recycled Interior Design Installation by Mette Bak Andersen

Barcelona Forever Recycled Interior Design PHOTO

Casa Decor, the international interior design show, chose "Pathway to a Sustainable Environment" (or Rumbo Sostenible in Spanish) as this year's theme for their exhibition in Barcelona. We already wrote about the elegant recycled restaurant by designer Nancy Robbins in a previous article, and we would now like to present you the project Barcelona Forever, by designer Mette Bak Andersen. It is a more poetic recycling project, getting people to think about obsolescence and re-use. (More images after the jump)Mette Bak Andersen and her team decided to fill the 90m2 of exhibition space entirely with recycled material and furniture found in the streets of Barcelona. Each piece tells a story; a label indicates the location of where it had been found. That way a small piece of its history and relationship with the city is revealed.

Barcelona Forever Recycled Interior Design PHOTO

All the pieces, now painted white, are to be returned to Barcelona at the end of the month-long show. However, the objects are not supposed to go back to the street but are for sale or for swap at the end of the show this coming weekend.

The project states that waste is really a big problem in this city: "Every day the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Barcelona generate more than 3.000.000 kilos of rubbish. Apart from this furniture and material are left in the streets and whole buildings are torn down with windows, doors, original tile floors, decorations etc." Barcelona Forever has touched an important issue. Here their message:

The installation is a statement towards a change of attitude in the design world while at the same time being a simple sentimental tribute to all those things that the people of Barcelona no longer want. Timeless design has, in the light of global warming and limited resources found a new meaning.

Purely fashion determined design must become adaptable to suit new styles in the future. Furniture should be built to last or offer the potential to be recycled. We should once again learn to appreciate the history of the objects that surround us.

You can visit Barcelona Forever and Casa Decor until November 22nd, from 11am until 8pm at the Port Forum in Barcelona. Via ::Casa Decor ::Barcelona Forever

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