Bamboo Hut On Stilts Wins Climate Adaptation Award, Helping Ecuadorian Coastal Dwellers

Moso bamboo plantation photo

Moso bamboo plantation. Image credit:INBAR

International Networkd for Bamboo & Rattan (INBAR) won the US$200,000 grant award, as described in their press release. "...Increased flooding in Ecuador's coastal regions often destroy peoples homes. INBAR joined the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil and the NGO Hogar de Cristo to develop a plan to build 500 elevated flood-resistant bamboo houses. With the Development Marketplace Grant the partnership will not only bring new and safer homes to those 500 families, but also link 1,000 farmers and 500 builders with an existing bamboo housing supply chain." Part of the initiative appears to involve working with farmers to replant native bamboo, which has been over harvested. INBAR, incidentally is one interesting outfit on a great design mission. Check out their Board of Trustees here. Two Ecuador-style bamboo house photos are presented below.

Bamboo Esterilla house Ecuador concrete foundation

Stilted Ecuadorian bamboo esterilia house with concrete foundation. Note: in the pictured example, esterilla refers to 'woven matting' of bamboo slats which constitute the building envelope walls. Image credit:INBAR.

equador  bamboo house photo

House by Hogar de Cristo, Guayaquil, Ecuador Image credit:INBAR

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