Bamboo Housing Design Competition—Call for Entries


Bamboo Technologies of Maui has announced the first International Design Competition for Structural Bamboo Buildings. Seeking fresh ideas for bamboo structures, the competition calls for innovative designs for family homes, affordable housing, high-end houses, tree and pole houses, as well as temporary, portable, and emergency relief structures, among other categories. The chosen designer will win $5,000 and the possibility of having their design built by Bamboo Technologies, the competition’s primary sponsor. Treehugger’s enthusiasm for bamboo runs deep. The fast-growing grass is a versatile material that can, among its myriad applications, be used for flooring, furniture, and, of course, computer keyboards. As a building material for livable structures, however, bamboo does not have full building code approval in most areas. A design competition such as this could catalyze a synthesis of good design, function, and renewable materials, while encouraging its wider legal recognition. :: 2006 International Bamboo Building Design Competition