Baku Deathstar Cheap Imitation of Real Thing


At first I thought Rem Koolhaas should sue, he already is building a deathstar in Dubai Ras Al Khaimah, but then George Lucas would have to sue, and even Panasonic might even jump into the battle. Can our few brave pilots in their X-wings handle two Deathstars on one planet?


But fortunately we are safe from such a fate, the Azerbaijani version doesn't have room for monster death rays, it has been squooshed down to hotel dimensions and is but a facade, a set in a cheap western, and no threat at all to our plucky rebels.


It is supposed to look like a full moon, but in the immortal words of Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, "That's no moon!"

It is in fact Full Moon Bay by Korean firm Heerim Architects & Planners- "The Korean firm plans to build the Full Moon Bay and the Caspian Plus on opposite sides of the bay to act as markers of the gateway to Baku. The highlight of the project will be the celestial Hotel Full Moon which will be constructed essentially as a disc with rounded edges and a hole in one of the top corners that would appear drastically different from different viewing angles. The bulky centre will give the front a distinct appearance with the glass diagrid contrasting with the hexagonal honeycombs in the back of the structure. The main building of the hotel will house the 35 storey luxury hotel with 104,182 square meters of space occupying 382 rooms."

No word about whether it is being designed with sustainability in mind. ::Skyscraper News via ::Gizmodo

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