Baja BBQ Firepack: Instant, Easy and Eco-friendly

eco Baja BBQ Firepack photo

We already read the words green and charcoal in the same sentence when Jacob wrote about charcoal being the next green alternative. Now the Baja BBB Firepack could be a greener option for your upcoming summer barbecues. Manufactured by Lazzari / Design Annex and designed by Mike and Maaike from San Francisco, this clever instant charcoal packaging is both clean and easy to use. According to the designers' web site, "14,500 tons of VOCs are emitted from the 46,200 tons of lighter fluid used in the US every year". This is what inspired them to come up with a chemical free, non-messy alternative.

Their solution: a 100% biodegradable paper pulp packaging that contains 2 lbs of natural lump charcoal. You simply place the whole thing under the grill and light it instantly. The integrated chimney creates perfectly hot coals without the use of lighter fluid. A simple and clean way to light your BBQ. Prices range from $3.50 to $5.50 depending on the store. You might also like Wicked Good Charcoal to light your fire. For cooking without charcoal, check out the Sun Cook Solar Oven and TreeHugger's picks on solar cooking. Thanks Gustavo P. for the tip! ::Baja BBQ Firepack

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