The Bagobago backpack has a built-in stool. Hit or miss?

bagobago in road
© Bagobago

Sometimes designers come up with answers to things that I never knew were a problem in the first place. Here is an interesting example: Czech designers at Bagobago have combined a stool/ seat with a backpack because they claim that "the world suffers from a lack of sitting spots."

It's quite clever actually; a flap on the bottom covers the feet of an X-style stool that is built into the backpack. So we have sort of a transformer backpack that turns into a place to sit.

Now usually when I go to a park I actually like to sit on the grass, and think all these people perched on their backpacks look a bit odd.

But I can see that if you are in an endless line that doesn't move, it might be nice, but it still looks a bit odd.

And this guy has dozens of places to sit with all those concrete things. Other than not being hard concrete, is this stool really necessary? What do you think?

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