Back to School with Motherboard's Recycled Circuit Boards


We’ve never seen anything like Motherboard’s products before (except last year when we mentioned them) and each piece they sell is so unique we couldn’t decide which photo to post. The company was started in 1991 and specializes in recycling defective bare boards (or circuit boards without added electrical components) to divert waste from landfills. The circuit boards may have been designed for use in a computer, an electronics component, a phone, or a television. Their online store consists of mostly office supplies like binders, clipboards, journals and mousepads but also contains fun items like cuff links, coasters (shown here) photo frames and money clips. They also offer CD storage, photo albums and lighting. A perfect one-stop shop for many of those back to school, and dorm room, essentials! Via ::body + soul ::Motherboard Gifts