Baby on (Card)Board: Designer Creates Eco-Friendly Baby Seat

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We've touted the great, green benifits of using furniture made from cardboard before, but Paper Tiger's baby seat is unique in that its advantage over traditional chairs goes beyond just being eco-friendly. Stuff made for growing children is notoriously wasteful due to the simple fact that children grow out of things, and many people don't like the idea of buying used items for their kids. This cardboard baby seat, on the other hand, is made with recycled and recyclable material and is tough enough to handle a toddler.Being made of cardboard, the baby chair is lightweight and easy to transport--far easier than its clunky, traditional counterparts. When folded up, the chair takes up hardly any room at all.

cardboard baby seat folded photo

One of the disadvantages of the cardboard baby seat is its shorter lifespan compared to traditional plastic seats--which can withstand more sippy-cup mishaps and spaghetti dinners. But, since the material used to make the cardboard baby seat can be recycled again, it is still much friendlier to the environment than plastic chairs--even if you end up having to replace it.

Paper Tiger, the maker of the cardboard baby chair, is an Australian based company founded by designer Dan Anthony. Along with the innovative chair, the company produces a number of other cardboard furniture pieces that demonstrate how the eco-friendly alternative may be the more practical one as well.

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