BA-Interior Reused Tires Accessories, from Peru


Turning pages in a local deco-magazine we found some interesting stuff from recovered materials -specially tires' rubber- coming from Peru. They're from BA-Interior architecture studio in Lima, which also has some regular stuff, but mostly works with recovered materials. The first and second pictures on the illustration above are La Repasada bag and the Anidan trays, both made from recovered tires rubber covered with fabric on one side. The bag is made from only one cut, sewed by hand. The third image is for a small garden inside of a tire, good because it resists in the outdoor and doesn't deteriorate with humidity and is "unbreakable", they assure. And the fourth is a paper can, also from recycled tires. In the extended, there are also a tray also from recovered tires and wood, a lamp from a recovered glass' fibber tube, and a table from concrete and recycled glass with wood basement. If you're in or around Lima sometime, write down the address for this studio: Av. Grau 810, Barranco, Lima 31, Perú (Tel: 511 247 2440). ::BA-Interior


Tray from recovered tires' rubber and wood.


Lamp from a recovered glass' fibber tube.


Table with concrete and recycled glass surface and wood basement.