Awesome Steampunk Solar Lamp Made From Scrap Parts

steampunk solar lamp image

Photos via WWWorks

Etsy sellers come up with the best stuff! This solar powered lamp is crafted our of used parts from a solar lawn lamp and looks way better than anything you could pick up in the garden section of a bigbox store. Though, carefully crafted art does come with a hefty price tag. This solar lamp, however, looks to be worth every penny of the $280 asking price. You can see what detail went into the incredible brass leaves and petals. And you'd be hard pressed to find something with this unique steampunk style.

There's a AAA battery inside the base, charged by the solar panel, which powers the LED bulb in the smaller flower -- and the maker writes that in tests, even an autumn day gave enough sunlight for an 8 hours of light.

The only thing we aren't sure about is the wooden base, which the maker says is "exotic." We're hoping it's sustainable wood but aren't sure. You might be able to request a version that uses FSC wood if this turns out to be an unsustainable variety.

Exotic wood aside, we absolutely love craftsmanship like this -- it's the key difference between lawn lamps that you'll end up tossing in a couple years, and a lamp you'll keep forever.

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