Awesome Bike Parking at W Hotel in San Francisco

bike rack w hotel sf photo

Photo: Mikael from Copenhagenize
Not Sure How Well that Would Scale, Though
Mikeal from Copenhagenize has taken these pictures of a very cool bike parking at the W Hotel in San Francisco. Included in the price of a room is access to one of three Biomega bikes (I think the one on the pics is the "Copenhagen" model), and to get it you have to get it down from its unusual parking place.
bike rack w hotel san francisco photo

Photo: Mikael from Copenhagenize

Mikael describes the experience: "It's like a museum the way they hang them up on the wall like that. You ask the valet for a bicycle and he walks over with a crank and proceeds to lower - slowly and cerimoniously - the bicycle to the ground. Now THAT is style over speed!"

Very cool!

Via Copenhagenize
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