Award-Winning Design Massages Cows, Keeping Them Happy and Healthy

The benefits of a good massage can be enjoyed by any animal, it seems. Humans have elaborate spa treatments and hand held massagers. Dogs get belly rubs; cats rub their head against you until you oblige. But what about animals that we raise for our own benefit? Don't they deserve a day at the spa? It's a problem industrial designer Andreij Nylander and Swedish agricultural company Sveaverken AB have solved with Care-for-Cows, a rubber, wall-mounted massage brush for dairy cows.

Made of a single piece of rubber, the massage brush offers health benefits beyond a good scratch. It removes parasites and improves blood circulation in the head and neck. It will also increases the cows' level of physical activity, if only because they need to walk to and from where it's mounted. The brush itself is durable and easy to clean.
The simple, effective design was among the prestigious Red Dot Product Design "Best of the Best" winners in 2011. Nylander says that he was inspired by the work of Temple Grandin, the doctor of animal science who consults with the livestock industry on facility design and animal welfare.
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Award-Winning Design Massages Cows, Keeping Them Happy and Healthy
A massage pad for dairy cows meets the animals' physical and psychological needs. Care for Cows won this year's Red Dot Award for Product Design.

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