Award Winning Carafe is for Tap Water

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This carafe is called the "Tap Top" and it is the winner of a competition to design a container to serve drinking water at London restaurants. As they say: "Tap Top is tip top for London's tap water." Won by industrial designer Neil Barron, the container will come in four colours and will be available to bars and hotels at a minimal price, with all profits going to WaterAid, the water charity.

It's all part of the London on Tap campaign, launched last year to urge restaurants, hotels and bars to serve tap, not bottled water. And to encourage patrons to order the same. It's sponsored by the Mayor and Thames Water to emphasize the point that London's water is cleaner, tastier and cheaper than the bottled stuff. Not to mention more environmentally friendly: emitting 300 times less CO2 to process than bottled alternatives.

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image from London on Tap

The design of the carafe is meant to evoke a stylised tap. It has four pouring spouts which are drip-free and it is designed to trap the ice when pouring. Neil Barron, the winner, describes his carafe as: "tall, tapered and elegant, yet contemporary like an inverted rocket."

There were 115 entrants and a short list of 10 was exhibited. The other designs are equally interesting and try to combine the sense of flowing water while incorporating industrial design principles. Since these are to be used in restaurants they have to be strong, easy to handle and easy to store. London on Tap
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